Black and blue

What is the earliest poem you have, and what made you get in to poetry?

This week Stuart Birnie answers:

This was my first poem when I was 15 going on 16. It’s called Black and Blue.

Incredible insanity grows thick in city streets
The black and blue of winter makes the misery complete
I saunter down the crystal street composing lonely beats
Controlling patience for the moment you and I will meet
Sensitivity complexity are symbols on your soul
Perplexed by past emotion prior love has left me old
The wall is not of wonder and it keeps our love so cold
Years ago in lonely streets is where our love was sold

The girl I was in love with had split up with me. She asked to go back out with me but I said no because she hadn’t believed me the first time around. That was a mistake. I then spent years trying to get her back but to no avail. That was my first attempt to get her back but didn’t let her see it until many years later. Her name was Claire. I still think of her.

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