These are the charities Hope n Mic has supported:

  1. Restless Beings
  2. Panzi Hospital
  3. Uttaran Women’s Centre
  4. Somali Relief & Development Forum
  5. Hand in Hand for Syria
  6. VIP Minds
  7. Rana Plaza, Bangladesh
  8. Islamic Help – Palestine Appeal
  9. Place2Be
  10. LEEDO Street Children
  11. A Scholars International Movement
  12. AU Foundation
  13. Tower Hamlets Food Bank 
  14. Vulnerable Groups Care Center, Gaza
  15. Royal London Society for the Blind
  16. Nepal Earthquake Appeal by Muslim Charity
  17. Islamic Help Rohingya Appeal
  18. Eden Care End of Life Support
  19. Richard House Children’s Hospice
  20. BRT UK
  21. Apasen International
  22. Poetic Unity
  23.  Children of Adam
  24. Sylhet Aid
  25. Acid Survivors Foundation
  26. Streethands


Nominate Your Charity

The entry fee from every Hope n Mic event is donated to a charity of choice. We take nominations from anyone, but the charity is chosen by the Hope n Mic team. The charity must meet the following conditions to be considered:

  1. The charity must promote the event
  2. They must send a representative down on the event night to provide a short talk to the audience so people know where their money is going
  3. The charity must give an update on how the money was spent so that we can update our audience at future events / our website
  4. The charity, or the specific project, ideally must have 0% admin fee on our donation

If you would like to nominate a charity, please email us on confirming the charity meets the above criteria, the contact details and the preferred months they would like to take. The Hope n Mic team will get back to you with the team decision, and if confirmed, with the month allocated to your charity.

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