Hope n Mic Annual Accounts


It’s the end of the financial year and we decided to share with you a calculation of how much money we raised over the year with YOUR help. You have helped Hope n Mic raise a whopping £4,183 between April 2015 and March 2016 given out to 11 different causes!

Isn’t that amazing? So thank you! You deserve a pat on the back for coming, watching or performing and donating to our causes. A huge thank you also to the Hope n Mic team who tirelessly and voluntarily make sure the event happens every month.

Here is the breakdown of our fundraising efforts from the last financial year:

Month Amount Raised Charity
Apr-15 £315.00 Royal London Society for the Blind
May-15 £330.00 Nepal Earthquake Appeal by Muslim Charity
Jun-15 Ramadan Break
Jul-15 £307.00 Rohingya Appeal by Islamic Help
Aug-15 £400.00 AU Foundation
Sep-15 £240.00 Eden Care End of Life Support
Oct-15 £165.00 Richard House Children’s Hospice
Nov-15 £260.00 BRT UK
Dec-15 £220.00 Apasen International
Jan-16 £380.00 Streethands Children’s Charity
Feb-16 £1,265.00 LEEDO Street Children
Mar-16 £301.00 Acid Survivors Foundation
Annual Total £4,183.00

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