2015 Events for Hope n Mic

List of events we ran in 2015. All the events took place at Kobi Nazrul Centre.

  • January:  AU Foundation
  • February: with the Rainbow Collective and the entry fee is £5 worth of food for Tower Hamlets Food Bank who will deliver it to Palestine. So please come along and bring with you cans, tins, and packages!
  • March:  Vulnerable Groups Care Center, an educational rehabilitation center based in Gaza
  • April: Royal London Society for the Blind
  • May: Nepal Earthquake Appeal via Muslim Charity taking 100% of the money raised to help the people left devastated
  • June: for the Rohingya People, an Arabian nights setting with lamps, rugs, and cushions and we will be all sitting on the floor eating good wholesome food with our hands. Families are encouraged to bring children as it will be a very child friendly environment
  • September:  Eden Care UK
  • October: Richard House Children’s Hospice
  • November:  BRT UK
  • December: Apasen International