Kickstart the new year with talent

Edward Unique. Photograph by Tammana Begum

Hope n Mic kickstarted the new year with a room so packed, we needed to add extra chair throughout. I am also proud to say that the Hope n Mic guests are learning about being on time and we had more people turn up on time than ever – so pat yourself on the back, seriously, for catching all the acts, making our lives as event organisers easier, and giving the early performers a decent audience!

Charitable funds raised: £355 for the Somali Relief & Development Forum. Sam Said attended to give a short talk about the charity of the month.

Total attendees: 75 brilliant souls

Hosted by the lovely Mell Nyoko, who also performed a piece to start the night off. And the artists that performed on the night:

As always thank you to our team who made the night possible:  Salam Jones, Sulthana Begum, Tammana BeeAsmaa Fitzroy, Mizan the Poet, Hamida Maya Rahman,  Sandra Faddou, Margit Horvat, all the performers, attendees and to Ruksana Kazi Begum for giving us the Kobi Nazrul Centre.

Some feedback:

Rifna Rees Begum

It was a rich, vibrant evening with such amazing spoken word artists – really felt uplifted: just what I needed so THANK YOU ALL :))

Abdul Dawood

Tonight was amazing being HOME in the CAPITAL I attended HOPE N MIC there aint no place like it. Tonight I witnessed so many great acts. For me there was 4 stand out acts that made me think first person was a girl called EST she mentioned the name called “INDIA” it was a great piece. Secondly Osama MC what a rapper he is check out his EP and then tell me he aint the shit. Thirdly Rikki RiktheMost Livermore that guy is sick the way he uses the words and letters was another level and lastly a guy from Chicago done a poem based on Abercrombie & Fitch. And lastly the bonus one was a Puerto Rican brother named Noel he was great doing his thing in Spanglish.

Next event will be Friday 28th February 2014.

♥ The Hope n Mic Team

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